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Struggle by the Beach

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Photo Credit: Van Middleton

The Genes are like that quiet, intelligent guy who doesn't say much but when he does speak, you just have to listen.
"EVERY recorded offering from The Genes has been an intimate document of the travels and travails, life and loves of Nolan Angell, who is surely one of the finest songwriters in this country. Pat Whyte (Courier Mail)
If you have connected with the music scene anywhere across the east coast and beyond in the past 20 years, chances are you would have seen The Genes.
The Genes began their musical journey busking in the Queen St mall in Brisbane in 1990. They progressed to pubs clubs and halls, playing around Australia with bands like Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Baby Animals, The Cruel Sea, Yothu Yindi and a host of others. They recorded 11 albums and now 27 years later they are about to release their 12th album, Dead Street Light.
Dead Street Light follows on from the critically acclaimed album Deep in the Heart of the Rat Race, continuing the theme of big city life versus living in the country.
Written and Recorded in Cabarita Beach during a time when lead singer/songwriter Nolan Angell had become reclusive following two life-threatening surfing accidents, Dead Street Light was inspired by difficult but also happy times spent with his wife and two daughters. Whilst expecting their first child, Nolan was knocked unconscious surfing, fortunately surviving with fractured vertebrae, Nolan made a full recovery after a few months on the couch. Then whilst expecting their second child Nolan ruptured a disc while surfing again at Gland, Indonesia. After a harrowing journey back to Australia from the jungle in Java he spent six months on the couch recovering at which time The Genes finalised this latest offering.
Set for release on February 23rd through Rubber Records, Dead Street Light  features the debut single ‘Godfathers Lament’ (out Feb 5th) - a tribute to Mr Coppola inspired by Nolan’s deep love for the Godfather movies. Nolan explains “I had this riff that sounded right out of those movies, it birthed the idea to take iconic lines from the movies and put them together to complete the track. Just about every lyric in the song is a line from The Godfather trilogy.” The ‘Godfathers Lament’ video clip is entirely made up of patched together scenes from the trilogy, and so far Paramount Pictures have allowed it to run on youtube.

Press play to watch the new 'Godfathers Lament' video clip

Download 'Godfathers Lament' wav for airplay HERE

Now fully recovered and back surfing again, along with Morgan Angell and Dominic Cutcliffe, The Genes are excited to release their new album and will be hailing back to their roots, embarking on a busking tour from Noosa to Bells Beach and anywhere in between this February through March 2018.
“We have always loved busking so we thought what better way to promote this album than loading up the van with guitars, drums, and surfboards, hitting the road and playing our music along the way, in cities, country towns, beaches and anywhere that looks like a good spot to play.”
The Genes will be documenting their tour on camera and uploading footage along the way as daily webisodes on youtube and Facebook, for updates, follow and subscribe to The Genes here.



The Genes