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The Genes New album deep in the heart of the rat race is available through Rubber Records.

deep in the heart of the rat race

"EVERY recorded offering from The Genes has been an intimate document of the travels and travails, life and loves of Nolan Angell, who is surely one of the finest songwriters in this country. Here the Cabarita Beach trio soar to even greater heights with their subtle yet shimmering, sun-drenched and languid country-ish folk rock. There's nothing bombastic about their music: the hushed vocals, punchy guitar dusted with harmonica, the restrained drumming and guitar lines.

The track that comes closes to bombast is the bluesy Just Like Everyone Else, a rollicking riff on the magnetic draw of a simple life. the closer Deep in the Heart of Another Rat Race is a towering achievement, if a better song has been written in Australia this year I'd love to hear it.

Once you get on The Genes' wavelength they offer a richly rewarding ride.

This is a great record, probably their best yet.

The Genes are like that quiet, intelligent guy who doesn't say much but when he does speak, you just have to listen."

Pat Whyte - Courier Mail

The Genes